Saturday, February 27, 2016

Had forgotten all about this blog until someone metioned it recently ..

Has been an interesting few years with two grandchildren have joined the family and a 3rd on its way :)
My husband has been through bowel and kidney cancer in 2015 so has been some interesting times

I will be trying to get into the writing on this and adding my different interests here such as Baking / Quilting / Latch Hook / Cross Stitch / Dogs / Reborning /

Here is to a great 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here I am again :-)

Not much happening today I have two weeks off as we are in the middle of course for the mums group ( I am the childcare worker for it) and when we go back we will be in a different centre lots of changes

Finally entered a couple of shows so my first dog shows for the year will be in March and I am really looking forward to them :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

This Friday (19 Feb) Heidi at Handmade by Heidi and Bobbi at Crafty Vegas Mom are organising a Friday Night Sew-In and I am so in!

I had already flagged with family and friends that I was having a weekend of sewing this coming weekend. As I have written below I havent been sewing for the last couple of months

Plan is to take kids to school and get to come home and start :-)

Have Seasons 1 of Quantum Leap and a few seasons of Heroes to keep me company for the day !

If you want to join along, go to the link here.

Well has been an extermely LONG time since I have used the blog basically forgot all about it

Since I was last here Braedan has had his operation on July 2009 and it has changed his life and ours
Talia and her partner Alex became engaged on January 15th 2010

I havent done any sewing for the last few months just havent been able to find time but have decided to make time for myself and my sewing no matter how difficult it may be at times

I have also started doing cross stitch in August 2009 and havent touched it either in the last couple of months so really need to find some me time and not feel guilty for doing so

Monday, July 21, 2008

Patrick Has Moved Out

Patrick (20) has moved out to live with his girlfriend Brooke , the first bird to leave the nest, feels very odd not having him here .
He invited myself and his dad for dinner last night he cooked Beef stroganoff with Rice which was lovely

Glad I taught him to cook LOL

Long time

Well it has been a long time since I have logged into this blog
My aim is to try and get to it a bit more

Have gotten back into dog showing and really enjoying it again
Have been really slack with the quilting and am going to try and set aside a few hours each week just for me to sew and get to my list which is on the right hand side

Rhiannon's eye is still not good after her accident at school so back to the Drs there and Braedan is back on his machine again and will be for a couple of years so the Dr's believe

Going to be working at the craft fair again this year which will be great and hope to get back to my Tapestry and to take up a cross stitch as well
Lots of plans LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NYE Mystery Quilt BAB

I have finally printed off the clues and instructions for the NYE Mystery quilt on BAB
Hope to get it started this weekend
I did peek at the finished quilt so notreally a mystery anymore I do love the quilt it is gorgeous

Also on BAB Renee is doing A Hearts a Flutter quilt which is a quilt with different type of hearts blocks in it

Quilt A Long

Well I have caught up on the 9 weeks of the Quilt A Long I did two of each block which I am very pleased with

Week 10 came out yesterday I printed it off this morning ready to do this evening

Will try and do photos of each weeks blocks next week when David returns from Melbourne

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Afternoon tea

Went for a lovely afternoon tea with some friends I met through an email list This is only my 2nd meet up with them but feels like we are old friends was such a relaxing afternoon all together
One of these lovely gals is getting married very soon so we wanted to surprise her with a little get together and a gift from the 4 of us She also had a lovely 'little' surprise for us as well and we were all thrilled :-)

Havent forgotten about the list of goals will get to that tonight
Didnt get much sleep last night I think just way too humid
Have a friends afternoon tea to go to today which should be fun

I am going to cut out week one of the quilt along tonight and going to do two of each block and may do two colourways as well white and 1930's and black and brights

I am also waiting on my new 8.5 inch x 24 inch ruler to arrive so I can begin my majestic mountains quilt

I am going to write a list of my quilting goals for 2008 and post them here this afternoon

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just Starting Out

Decided today to begin my very first blog
I have been reading a lot of quilting blogs over the last few days and came upon crazy mom quilts blog and will be starting her quilt along on Monday though I will be 8 weeks behind everyone I hope to catch up to them within a week or two if I keep on track